Mike Marqusee 1953-2015

Mike Marqusee 1953-2015

Mike Marqusee, our friend and comrade, died peacefully on 13 January 2015, aged 61. The funeral will be on Tuesday 20 January, 2pm – 3.45pm at St Marylebone Crematorium, East End Road, Finchley, London N2 0RZ.

Free Gaza! Benefit Show Success!

Edinburgh comedy raises thousands of pounds for Gaza

Hommage to Pierre Ghenassia

'En Hommage a Pierre Ghenassia', commemorating a young Jewish communist who died in Algeria's struggle for independence, was first published in the Algerian daily 'El Watan' in 2008. The writer, Mohammed Rebah, quotes a veteran liberation fighter who paying tribute to Ghenassia, said he wanted to answer those who claimed there was an inevitable antagonism between those of different religious origins.

‘Dirty Des’ can’t clean up UKIP

The president of a major Jewish charity has become a big donor to UKIP. His newspapers may be said to have been already there. But hopefully not many Jewish people will be persuaded to follow, says Charlie Pottins.

Cabinet Conspiracy

In January 1940, Leslie Hore Belisha, Britain's Secretary of State for War, was forced to resign because of what Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain called "a strong prejudice" against him. Belisha, the only Jew in the government, had been attacked by a notoriously right-wing magazine called "Truth". But he may well have sensed that behind this attack was a conspiracy hatched within the very government he served. In this article, first published in Jewish Socialist in Spring 1990, Charlie Pottins traces the connecting threads, and shines a light down some of the darker corridors of power in Britain.

Lighting the Torch in Algiers

On November 8, 1942, as Allied forces prepared their landing in north-west Africa, in Operation Torch, some 400 ill-armed rebels seized strategic buildings in Algiers, with the aim of paralysing Vichy resistance and opening the way for the Allies. The prizes they captured that night included Admiral Darlan, no.2 in the Vichy regime. More than half the rebels were Algerian Jews. Coming almost six months before the Warsaw ghetto revolt, their action can be considered the first major act of Jewish armed resistance in the War, and perhaps the most successful. Yet their contribution to Allied victory, and how they were treated, are missing from many histories. In this article, first published in Jewish Socialist in Winter 2012-3, Charlie Pottins looks at the background and events of the revolt.

Murder in the Rue Rollin

Egyptian Jew Henri Curiel was a founder of the Communist Party in his country and neighbouring Sudan, and a pioneer of genuine Israeli-Palestinian peace contacts when this was an illegal, risky, and many thought impossible mission. Respected also for his solidarity work for struggles in several countries, Curiel was under surveillance by more than one security service when he was murdered in Paris in 1978.

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